We think the environment you are in shapes who you are and more importantly, it shapes how we interact with people. Collaborative work environments have the potential to produce amazing results. More often than not, current collaborative work spaces were not designed to allow people to work to their full potential. Having a design space that makes you feel both comfortable and enhances your ability to communicate efficiently was lacking. We have taken the initiative to create solutions to strengthen a collaborative environment.



Constella wanted to encourage people to be self-driven and self-inspired. We wanted to create a value rich experience with the client in the work place. Our products have been designed and tested by designers, engineers and business professionals. The feedback we receive is what pushes Constella to co-create.



In most office settings, being constructive and practical doesn’t go hand in hand with beautiful and design worthy. Typically, you have one and not the other.  We at Constella believe that highly functional office furniture and tools can also be designed to be eye-pleasing. With these goals in mind we have been able to design products that do just that.


Bauhaus Design

The spirit of Bauhaus Design is what drives Constella’s design team every day. It was founded with the idea of creating a "total" work of art, (Gesamtkunstwerk) in which all arts, including architecture, would eventually be brought together. The Bauhaus style later became one of the most influential currents in modern design. Constella’s Artemis’s sole purpose is to “bring functionality and aesthetics together”. Its very existence is to incorporate these main ideas. For Constella, it’s not just about creating beautiful design products, instead our approach is to create design solutions together.


Future of Constella

We are always thinking about the future and how our products will evolve to better improve the way we learn and work. We are currently taking a major initiative to develop products that will correspond with our ever-changing way of life. Keep an eye out for our technology integrated products in the near future. Let’s collaborate and co-create a more constructive way of life!